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vaia feel new perspectives
  • At the moment we have planted 70,000 trees: join us to reach the 100,000 mark! 70% 70%

VAIA  //face what matters//

Not always are we responsible for what happens around us. Yet, we can often commit to look for a solution.

It happened to us, when storm Vaia hit the Dolomites. We chose to create something new, something positive for the area, the communities and the people. We focused on what matters: //Face what matters//, after all, means just that.

vaia feel new perspectives
  • At the moment we have planted 70,000 trees: join us to reach the 100,000 mark! 70% 70%

About the project

//The Story of VAIA//

At the end of October 2018, the storm Vaia brought the Dolomites to their knees: in just a few hours, 42 million trees were felled by the whips of an unstoppable wind and devastating rain.
We at VAIA decided to take action and do our part: starting with the broken trunks, we created design objects that combine analogue technology with our digital life.

With our work, every day, we change the meaning of the word VAIA: no longer synonymous with destruction, but rather with sustainable recovery, both for the environment and the local economy. VAIA is our message to the world: a message of rebirth, beauty, and a desire to make a difference.

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//Design born out of wood//

Vaia’s wood is a precious wood: it comes from the trees that luthiers of all times have chosen for their resonance qualities. The storm tore them down, and our mission is to restore their value and give them new dignity.


As a natural amplifier for your smartphone, VAIA Cube combines music, technology and all of VAIA’s ideals. Thanks to this project, we are carrying on our idea of rebirth as we commit to planting a new tree for every sold VAIA Cube.

dettaglio prodotto vaia cube


No piece is alike, each carving follows the wood’s own veining


Born from Dolomites’ fallen trees, a precious resource that would otherwise be wasted or dispersed
dettaglio prodotto vaia cube


Designed by Giorgio Leonardelli, Gabriele Motter e Alice Tonelli; crafted by expert carpenters

Perfect sound

The spruce and the larch, out of which VAIA is made, reproduce warm, deep sounds

VAIA Focus

VAIA Focus relies on the Fresnel lens, a 200-year-old technology that turns it into a visual amplifier for your smartphone. VAIA’s wood is the ideal support for this lens, which becomes the perfect metaphor for the project we promote: the protection of Alpine glaciers. Every purchased VAIA Focus, in fact, allows us to preserve one square meter of the Presena glacier.

dettaglio prodotto vaia cube


Light and slender, the shape of VAIA Focus recalls a wave in motion, a wave that generates positive energy and that brings people together.

Technological by Nature

VAIA Focus is inspired by nature. The conjunction of fir wood and the magnifying optical lens is a metaphor for the virtuous relationship between technology and nature.
dettaglio prodotto vaia cube


VAIA Focus wants to be a “magnifying glass” through which to see the world, catch the positive side of things, distinguish the essential from the superfluous and focus on what matters.


The new object has been designed by Elisa Mastrofrancesco and Saverio Incombenti. It is made by exclusively relying on the work of local craftsmen.

//VAIA: the storm and rebirth//

We asked ourselves: «what if manufacturing did not mean depleting resources, but rather giving back to nature and the ecosystem?».
From this question, our startup was born.

tempesta vaia bosco distrutto trentino alto adige

Entire woods razed to the ground

Wind gusts from 80 up to 190 km/h have devastated vegetation for thousands of hectares, disrupting the land’s conformation.

tempesta vaia foresta distrutta trentino alto adige

We build tomorrow’s forests

Together we can regenerate the affected woods and give them a new future.

//What they say about us//

People behind the project

//Our team//

We are a young team determined to develop a business model that not only looks at mankind’s demands, but that also puts the environment and territories at centre stage.
federico stefani team vaia


Vaia’s mastermind and founder.

He graduated in International Management, with Exchange Programme experiences in Japan and Belgium. He has worked in Brussels at the NATO Human Resource Department. Visionary and dedicated, he motivates and coordinates the team.

paolo milan team vaia


Vaia’s legs, without his push the project would not move forward.

An International Management graduate, he came back to Italy to support VAIA after a study experience in Poland. Pragmatic and meticulous, he manages the firm’s administration and finances.

giuseppe addamo team vaia


Vaia’s heart, he gives the project its form and content.

After graduating in Business Communication, he interned in Bruxelles as a journalist and ended up winning a scholarship for a Bocconi Master Programme. Energetic and enthusiastic, he is responsible for VAIA’s marketing strategies and communication.

VAIA owes its birth to the collaboration of several people, united by the willingness to rebuild their territory. Find out who the other team members are!

Help the forest

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We are a community of over 100,000 people and we have planted 70,000 trees in the Dolomites. Join us and become a Vaier.

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