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VAIA’s vision is to build objects that benefit both man and nature, by implementing a business model that cares not only about people’s needs, but that puts nature and the environment at centre stage. To VAIA, economic success is strictly tied to environmental sustainability – the result of our business activities.


We want to retrieve trees that have been torn down, and transform them in finished products. Due to the large proportion of ripped trunks, however, we could not manufacture any large and complex items.

This is the reason why VAIA’s concept is a neat, elegant cube. We don’t want to stop here: each sold item represents a tree that VAIA will plant, in order to restore damaged areas.

... The Future

Our goal is to breathe new life into raw materials that come from areas wrecked by natural disasters, where our intervention aims at limiting the environmental damage.

Furthermore, a share of revenues will always be allocated for the restoration of the original equilibrium of the environment. Today, we make use of trees tumbled in North-East Italy, tomorrow we will recover new natural resources, to restore their worth.

A long journey

About the Goal

Our focus is to restore the damaged enviroment, do you want to help us? Join our community! Help us reach our goal of 50000 trees!

  • Target 2021: 50000 planted trees 74% 74%
icona obiettivo foreste vaia

Million cubic meters of fallen wood

Billion Euros of estimated damages

Hectares of affected forests (wildlife and vegetation)

Impacted municipalities, some of them at hydrogeological risk

Environmental effect

Everything began back then, in the night of 28 October 2018, when a violent storm of massive proportions swept away entire valleys in the Dolomites, in the North-Eastern part of Italy. These areas and their communities were forced to experiment first-hand the dire consequences of climate change.

The fall of trees in a staggering number – the estimate is of 42 millions – has caused a remarkable increase in the risks linked to hydrogeological instability across numerous areas. Moreover, the carpentries working in the affected areas were unprepared to manage the sudden surplus of raw material derived from the trees, and thus wood’s prices dramatically plunged due to market saturation.


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