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Carta realizzata con scarti di erba e biglietto derivato dalle alghe (5,00)

VAIA is an item of authentic design, conceived for your time and your spaces. No piece is alike, as the artisan’s axe cuts the wood following its veining, carving the profile of your VAIA to recall the forest’s original wound. What’s more, every VAIA Cube sold represents a new tree that will be planted in the Dolomites.

Size: 10 x 10 x 10 cm

Phone slot size: 8,6 x 1,2 cm



VAIA is an item that is essential and refined at the same time. Its lines, elegant and light, outline a one of a kind product. It’s secret? Simplicity.


VAIA is a passive music amp that reproduces a warm, deep sound. Such distinctive trait is a natural feature of red spruce, renown among luthiers as the most sought-after wood. Just place your smartphone on the speaker, and the work is done!


Its production is local and exclusively handmade, in order to enhance its esthetic value. We partner only with carpenters who employ fallen trees, and that can guarantee high quality standards.


Wood is a long-lasting material, which can be used with no electricity consumption. Its life cycle is potentially endless, since it can be disposed at zero impact or be recycled for future purposes.

Remember, when you choose to purchase VAIA, you are not simply holding an object, but rather a bit of forest that is resurging, thanks to your help.


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